Sunday, January 19, 2014

Morganville Vampires Series Book #7: Fade Out by Rachel Caine

So remember in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Ron says to Harry, “Follow the spiders? Why did it have to follow the spiders? Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?” I felt for Ron then, and I really related to that quote while reading Fade Out.

Spiders, Rachel Caine? Because the town of vampires wasn’t scary enough, you had to throw in spiders the size of Chihuahuas? I personally believe that this book should have come with a disclaimer in the introduction: Arachnophobes beware. Gah.

Anyway, book 7 – seriously SEVEN – takes place a few months after book 6. The town is recovering nicely from Bishop’s take over. Vampires are protecting those that have signed up for Protection, Amelie has allowed humans to be armed and attack vampires in self-defense, and Claire is living at her parents’ house until she turns eighteen – sort of.

I thought that this book was going to be boring. I mean, c’mon, big bad Bishop is dead. Everything has been restored in Morganville, and the book opens with Eve being excited about being cast in the town’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Yawn.

But then… ooh. UV bomb – can Claire get through one book without being maimed in some way? – Ada acting up and trying to kill Claire, Amelie becoming suicidal, plots to overthrow her, and my favorite, Eve’s new bestie Kim shows up and Claire gets jealous. Honestly, did I say boring? I meant, exciting!

I won’t bore with the same things I’ve been saying since book 4; action packed, twists that you don’t expect, etc. But I will complain about two things: one, there wasn’t enough Monica in this book. She literally had three scenes and one of them wasn’t very Monica-esque. She hugs Claire! I mean, honestly, that isn’t Monica’s character at all. Second: Eve and Michael’s relationship. It got a little rocky near the end of this book because Eve finally realizes that Michael isn’t human anymore. Um…excuse me, but he turned vamp six books ago already. You’re just now realizing that your boyfriend is one of the undead? Seriously? Jeez. C’mon, Eve, I thought you were smarter than that.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars. One day, Caine will write the perfect book in this series. I hope.

Bookshelf worthy? Electronic only.

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