Monday, March 10, 2014

Blue Bloods Series Book #7: Gates of Paradise by Melissa de la Cruz

In the final book of the Blue Bloods series, Schuyler, Oliver and Kingsley are doing all they can to protect the final gate that leads to Paradise. The Covens have all been disbanded and are hiding underground. Jack and Mimi have disappeared and the rumors are spreading that they’ve returned to the Dark and Lucifer. Bliss has found the wolves that will help the Blue Bloods in their battle for Heaven, but they are stuck outside of the passages of time.

Jack and Mimi, have indeed joined with Lucifer again, but as those who read the last book know, it’s only to play double agent so that they can break the bond that they have to each other so that they can each be with the person they love. But their plan seems to be backfiring, because the Morningstar knows all. Jack is sent to kill Schuyler and Mimi is sent to kill Kingsley. There is no way that they can get out of it. And as I was reading this book, I was going crazy trying to figure a way out of it for them, but I was coming up with nothing.

It didn’t look good, and as the final pages rapidly passed by it got bleaker and bleaker. Especially when Jack started to act like his true self – Abandon the Angel of Dark. I’ll be honest when I saw Jack act like his Dark self, I was intrigued. This was the Jack that I remembered from the first book, who was intriguing and mysterious. But while we’re on the subject of Jack and his bad self, can we talk about Schuyler’s reaction to him being evil? He confesses that he’s no longer her Jack and what they had was all false and that he feels nothing for her, and what does she do? She sacrifices herself to him! “Take what you need. I’m yours.” I’m sorry…but if the twist hadn’t been thrown in there near the end, I would have been like – girl, you totally deserved your death.

Anyway, the last 100 pages of this book were an emotional roller coaster and just when I finally got my breath back, cleared the tears and calmed my heart, de la Cruz throws in the final chapter that deals with Oliver and Schuyler’s half-sister, Finn. I’m sorry, but when exactly did Oliver become a vampire?!

…Oh, you mean there’s another book series dealing with Blue Bloods coming out in September? Well…okay then.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I’ll admit that I was with those people at the beginning who said that this was just a mash up of Gossip Girls and Vampires and who’s origin stories were muddled and confused. Vampires who had been Angels? Preposterous! But after seven books, damn. It was just amazing.

Bookshelf worthy? I still own the whole series, even this one.

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