What's On My Shelves?

What would a book reviewer be if she didn't have bookshelves to show off? So here are my 'shelfies.'

This first picture is the whole bookcase. It sits in the corner of my room and is packed to the brim with books. Except for the last shelf there at the bottom - that one has binders, some old school textbooks, and the boxed set of a certain vampire series.

Close Up Shelf #1: This is probably the one shelf that hasn't changed much since last year. The Sisterhood series, the Gemma Doyle trilogy, and a lot of books by Meg Cabot (I wished I owned more!)

Close Up Shelf #2: Does anyone else find it easier to stack books then to actually have them the way they're supposed to be? You get more room and you can keep series together. This shelf makes me smile because everything is supernatural/paranormal except for the middle stack which is one of the few chick-lit, realistic fiction books I have.

Close up Shelf #3: Fun Fact: all but 3 books on this shelf haven't been read yet. Sure I've read digital/library book versions, but I haven't read my copies yet.

Close up Shelf #4:Percy Jackson & the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series moved back to this shelf. New purchase of A Discovery of Witches and the first time you see The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy (I have yet to read the last book).

Extras: I moved the box sets to this little table and I finally got my hands on A Song of Ice and Fire box set, even though there are still two more books to go in that series.

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