Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Luxen Series Book #5: Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The world is going to hell. War of the Worlds? Forget about it. The Luxen have landed and they don’t want to leave anytime soon and they’re destroying everything in their wake. Kat, Archer, Beth, and Luc are tucked away in the cabin not sure what to do. Dee, Dawson, and Daemon are gone, they left when the Luxen landed. Not sure what they’re next move should be Katy is blown away when she learns that Beth is pregnant and Archer and her go out to get supplies. This is where they run into a group of Luxen destroying things and assimilating human bodies. Archer and Katy are about to escape and get the hell out of dodge when she feels Daemon, but instead she runs into Dawson.

The next thing she knows she’s waking up in a mansion surrounded by Luxen who are less than friendly, even her best friend Dee is against her. Turns out that the Luxen are all connected by their thoughts and when the new guys showed up, the leader infiltrated all their thoughts and brainwashed them into thinking that humans were evil and deserved to be subjugated. So what does that mean for Dawson and Daemon? It doesn’t look good when Katy finally sees him again, he treats her like she’s nothing but human trash and their love was nothing. Like Katy, I think my heart broke for a second when he treated her like that, but I knew that the brainwash hadn’t taken him over, he was just acting that way.

As the rest of the book plays out, Katy, Daemon, and Dawson get away and meet up with Archer and Luc at an army base. The army’s grand plan to get rid of these Luxen – who are also revealed to be working with the Origins – is to drop giant EMP bombs over cities they are believed to be lost. Katy and company realize that this isn’t the best plan. By doing this, the army is making refuges of humans and setting civilization back. So they come up with a plan, a really insane plan, to get the Arum to help them out.

As usual, Armentrout combines sci-fi with a touch of romance and drama. The Daemon/Katy moments were just… fluff overload and I just wanted to curl into a ball and bawl my eyes out at how cute they were together. The ending, like most endings, nearly killed me twice. Not only do you have that character’s death – hey I’m all about being spoiler free sometimes – but you also have the attempted killing of that character too. My heart rate jumped a few times in the last fifty pages or so. I loved the ending, especially with Katy’s ‘room of precious babies.’ She’s a true book nerd ‘til the end.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Beautiful ending. Everything was tied together beautifully and this little side story that Armentrout wrote was just as aw worthy as a bunch of kittens.

Bookshelf worthy? What’s up with the new covers? My eBooks look odd with this cover and then the original four.

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