Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blue Bloods Series Book #2: Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz

I find it interesting in some of the reviews that I’ve read for this book, that a lot of people said that there was no point to it – that it was more filler than anything else. I would like to disagree. Although in some respects there were some ‘filler’ moments, a lot of what occurred in Masquerade, I have a feeling, impacts what happens in book 3.

So it’s been a few months since the events in Blue Bloods, Schuyler and Oliver are in Venice tracking down her grandfather, Charles is still visiting Allegra, Mimi feels victorious because Jack has strengthened their bond, Bliss is still grieving Dylan’s death and is having a lot of blackouts, and then there’s the introduction of the new character Kingsley. Schuyler does find her grandfather but he tells her that her grandmother lead her astray – he can be of no help to her…until he shows up in New York and decides to help her anyway. I really liked the character of Lawrence Van Alen, he reminds me a lot of Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter series.

Still don’t care for the character of Mimi Force, I mean, sheesh. Yeah, I understand that her and Jack are bonded to be together, but c’mon. If you keep trying to force Schuyler and him apart, he’s going to want her even more. Speaking of, although the masquerade kiss was cute and the ‘sweet dreams’ bit was adorable, I still thing there needed to be more Jack/Schuyler fluff in this book. Hopefully, though, Mimi has learned her lesson with her almost blood burning near the end there.

I had a feeling something was going on with Bliss that had to deal with the Silver Bloods. The blackouts weren’t normal. The dreaming about a beast wasn’t normal. Add in the article at the end of the book about Maggie – that basically describes Bliss to a T – and the fact that her father has an emerald called Lucifer’s Bane and I honestly think that she is the Silver Blood/or her father is housing a Silver Blood. Quite curious to see how this goes – especially with the unexpected appearance of Dylan (wait! Wasn’t he dead?!) at the end of the book claiming that he knows whom the Silver Blood is.

Two things I didn’t like with this book: Charles plan to adopt Schuyler. Um, excuse me? But Cordelia did state in her will that Schuyler is an emancipated minor aka she doesn’t need a guardian. Hopefully someone realizes this in the next book, because with her living with the Forces it’s going to make it harder for their to be fluff between her and Jack. The other thing that I didn’t care for was the whole Schuyler/Oliver storyline. That was the only redeeming quality in the last book was that they were just friends. That got blown to bits after she makes him her human familiar (ew) and realizes that he’s been in love with her forever. Le sigh. Bad plot, de la Cruz, really bad plot line.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Much better than the last book. Characters that were flat start to come to life, intrigue increases, and new characters are fun.

Bookshelf worthy? The cover art is quite interesting and I already own the whole series, so yeah.

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