Thursday, July 24, 2014

Winds of Salem: A Witches of East End Novel by Melissa de la Cruz

So when we last left the witches of East End, Freya was being dragged back to the 1600s, Ingrid was finally coming to terms with her relationship with Matt, Joanna was finally accepting Norman back into her life, Freddie was getting married, and Killian was being dragged off to Limbo for destroying the bridge.

Winds of Salem picks up a month after Serpent’s Kiss left off. Freya is stuck in Salem during the Salem witch trials with no memory of who she really is. Ingrid, Joanna and Norman are trying to find a way back to her, but the time passages are closed and the family is losing their powers because Loki poisoned the Tree of Life. Freddie is married now to Gert and is taking care of the pixies while they try and look for the missing trident.

Things aren’t going so well though - a nice tie in with the final book of the Blue Bloods series – and Joanna and Norman learn that if Freya dies while stuck in the 1600s, she’s going to stay dead, unless magic can be restored. Ingrid’s relationship with Matt is on the ropes because she’s pushing him away trying to find her sister. Gert leaves Freddie and the pixies take off to find the trident. And Freya is in danger because of her affections for two familiar brothers.

Okay, so I liked this book a whole hell of a lot better than the last one, but…this book drove me insane! Ingrid’s insecurity with Matt, his daughter, and his ex-girlfriend were so annoying! Yes, Matt’s ex was good looking and obviously had some sort of relationship with Matt, but c’mon, Ingrid! You’re a witch who’s been around for hundreds of years, and he loves you! Get over it already…although at the end she sort of does get over it, so I can somewhat forgive her, but yikes. Maybe this was the reason she was a spinster for so long.

When Freddie comes face-to-face with the destroyer of the bridge, I kind of saw it coming, considering certain characters that have made appearances in this series, it was about time this person showed up. And wow, the reason for the destruction of the bridge was crazy. All is fair in love and war, eh?

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Better than the last one, but characters were annoying with their insecurities and the open ended ending, was kind of evil.

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