Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Body Finder Series Book #3: The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting

A question for all the authors out there: when you’re writing a book with a female narrator or main character, and you introduce several guy characters into her story, do you automatically think, hm, there should be a love triangle? Or does that plot point come up as you go along? I feel like I need to ask this question, because in about every other supernatural/paranormal book I read, there always seems to be a love triangle between the main character and the guys she knows. The Last Echo was no exception to that rule, which I was really disappointed. Not only did this series go from having the best guy friend being the main character’s boyfriend, but now we have a love triangle too.

Violet is readjusting to her life again. This time she has to get used to being on a team of people who know that she’s different. A whole bunch of new characters get introduced – Gemma, Krystal, Sam, etc. – while Sara and Rafe are kept around. The team that Violet is on is investigating a new case. College girls are turning up dead. A new serial killer – called the collector – is on the loose. And unfortunately for Violet, he seems to have taken a new interest in her, even though she isn’t the type of girl he goes for. What happens changes the course of Violet’s life forever.

So I’ll admit this book was just as good as the other two. The new team for Violet are really interesting people. The whole love triangle thing aside, I kind of liked the character of Rafe too. He’s dark and mysterious, and when his real story actually comes out you kind of feel sorry for the guy. And the final fifty pages when Violet finally has to stand up to the killer alone…just wow.

I will admit I’m still kind of curious about whom the team actually works for if not the FBI, and why they are so adamant on keeping Violet on board. Plus, the whole thing with the sleeping pills? I think that’s going to have some major impact in the next book.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I still really love the interlude chapters that come from the killer’s POV. They make for some interesting reads. I just wish Jay and Violet’s other friends had made more of an appearance in this one.

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