Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Mortal Instruments Series Book #5: City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

After the way the last book ended with Sebastian coming back to life thanks to Jace, there is no possible way the events in this book could get any worse. Right?

Ha-ha. Not.

Simon’s mom? Totally hates her son and bans him from the house. Clary is under scrutiny from the Clave because of what happened at the end of book 3. Jace and Sebastian are gone and when they do show up again at Clary’s house it turns out that they are bound. You can’t injure one without injuring the other. And Jace isn’t really Jace. Thanks to the Mark that Lilith made on him in the last book, Sebastian can control him.
I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

The Seelie Queen is still the baddest bitch of them all, okay? And the fact that Clary kind of sort of trusts her and her rings was a very, very stupid move.

The whole Jace isn’t really Jace thing made me feel like I was watching my Sailor Moon fanfics Shadows of the Night and Shadows of the Night: Darkness Remains in real time. Seriously. As I updated on GoodReads on page 136 – the book was killing me. I was so happy when the real Jace made a brief appearance in Paris.

Maia and Jordan’s hook up? Fantastic. I’ve been rooting for them since the last book. Isabelle and Simon? Even better. It’s about time the vixen settled down with someone.

Jocelyn…I get where she is coming from, but some of the things she said were not called for. And honestly, I understand that she was grieving because of Luke’s injury but still. Get off your high horse lady.

Page 510. Yeah. I agree with the tumblr post – I’m denying that happened. It just…

And then there’s Sebastian. I’ll admit I did kind of almost fall for his ‘I’ve changed. You’re my sister’ act that he was trying to pull over on Clary. I mean, he did save her from those demons. He looked really happy that she called for him when Jace tried to give himself up to the Clave. But somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that something wasn’t right with all of this. There was no way that after everything he went through that he was going to summon Greater Demons to destroy them. ‘You belong to me.’ …yeah…that whole scene freaked me out. Like this:

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I think I finally know where Cassandra Clare is going with the new set of books, and I’m quite curious what she has in store for book 6. Especially ‘cause it’s over 700 pages long!!

Bookshelf worthy? Faeries still haven’t come and stolen the box set that I own so…

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