Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blue Bloods Series Book #3: Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz

“I’m tired of being your best friend. I’m tired of being second best. I won’t settle for that anymore. It’s all or nothing, Schuyler. You have to decide. Him or me.”

With a quote like that, how is it possible that the love square that Schuyler, Jack, Mimi, and Oliver are in is not the most important part of this book? Well, real possible apparently.

Like with most de la Cruz paranormal books, the punches don’t really come into the end. And when they do they’re absolutely crazy. Schuyler breaks it off with Jack – as she should have. I mean as much as I love that couple and have been rooting for them from the beginning, the bond between him and Mimi is too strong. If he even tries to break it, he will be brought before the Clave and/or hunted down by Mimi herself and Burned. I see no silver lining in this situation and I know a lost cause when I see it, even if the break up killed me – not that you really saw it, just Mimi walking in on the aftermath.

Bliss’s true self is revealed – finally. I had a feeling that she was Lucifer and to find out that her father and stepmother were in on it the whole time just blows my mind. Not to mention the fact that Bliss’s sister, Jordan, is the Watcher and is hated by her parents. Talk about family drama.

In Memoriam: Lawrence Van Alen and Dylan Ward. Dylan finally dies, and his death is the catalyst for letting loose Lucifer’s second in command. Lawrence’s death…jeez. Why do I even bother having favorite characters in fantasy/paranormal/vampire books? They always get killed off by the author and always devastate me. But talk about a bomb to be dropped with Lawrence’s final death – great moment to tell Schuyler that she has a sister who will destroy them all.


Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Plot thickens. Characters’ true faces are revealed. Hearts are broken. Wow. I can see why a lot of people liked this book the best out of the series.

Bookshelf worthy? Well, vampires haven’t glommed them away yet, so…

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