Monday, January 27, 2014

Morganville Vampires Series Book #8 Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine

Okay, so with Ada gone, Bishop dead, and Morganville at peace – for the moment – what could possibly go wrong in book 8?

Well, as it turns out not much. Oh, sure, there was the deal that Claire made with Marley and his band of rogue vampires – where she had to get them out within a month or else Eve, Shane, and her would become their personal blood bank – but even that was dealt with within the first twenty or so pages. Michael and the gang are given permission to leave Morganville so that way Michael can go to Dallas for his studio time. If they’re not in Morganville, Marley can’t attack them.

But, holy crap! They get to leave Morganville!

I have to admit that I figured that Caine was going to pull this stunt after the last book because there were only so many secrets that Morganville could hold, it was about time these characters got to see the world outside the little town. But even though they leave Morganville there is still drama – obviously. It turns out that the world outside Morganville is almost as bad. Within twenty-four hours of leaving, they manage to piss off a gang, get escorted out of town by the sheriff, befriend a local motel owner, Eve’s car gets burned – RIP – and to put icing on the cake are accused of murder.

Sheesh, can’t these guys go through one book without ending up behind bars? Or becoming personal blood bags to the evil vamps? Gah.

Anyway, as much as I love this series, I’ll admit that this book wasn’t one of the best. It had so much potential to be good, but I don’t know the execution was lacking. I mean, these guys finally leave the world of Morganville behind, shouldn’t they also leave the vamps behind too? Also can we take a moment to assess Eve? I mean she is the strong bad ass Goth who is always good for a sarcastic laugh. But in this book, she wasn’t herself. Yeah, I get that her and Michael were still having issues with their relationship, but to make her have complete and utter breakdowns – three times – was just so not Eve. And when did she go back to work for Oliver at Common Grounds?

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. Still a good book, just lacking the usual bite that Caine usually offers.

Bookshelf worthy? Electronic only.

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