Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Soul Seekers Series Book #4: Horizon by Alyson Noël

Quick summary of the other three books: Daire Santos is a Soul Seeker. It is her job to protect the Upper, Middle, and Lower worlds from evil forces. In the town of Enchantment, New Mexico she moves in with her grandmother who teaches her the Seeker ways and tells her that she has to protect the world from evil, namely the Richter family and their eldest son Cade. Except, Cade has a twin brother Dace who Daire is Fated to be with. After many attempts to stop Cade from taking over the worlds including death, loss of a soul and raining fire from the sky it has all lead up to the final battle…  

I’ll admit that after book 2, I was a little wary of this series. I mean, how can you top the death of not only the main character but the one that she loves as well? The answer, you really can’t. I mean, yes, the other two books were good, but they were kind of a let down after book 2.

With Horizon you got the same set up as you did in Mystic – different POVs with each chapter and I really wished that that wasn’t the case. The constant jumping of character’s POVs broke up the story and I couldn’t really get into a constant groove with it. Not to mention the plot was a little bit lacking, I mean, you have this huge buildup of what Daire and the others have been up to since the last book and what they’re planning on doing, but all of a sudden it’s like wham, bam, climax! Uh…okay?

The whole Dace plot line was kind of annoying too. I mean, yeah, in the last book he took a piece of Cade’s soul but does that small piece really make that much of a difference? Apparently, yes, it does. Personally, I think Dace’s whole fight with his inner beast was just a ploy to keep Daire and Dace apart, again. Also, I think it was interesting that while Dace was fighting the dark part of his soul, Cade was dealing with the piece of light that he had left behind. Could you imagine a relationship between Cade and Daire? I think that would have been interesting.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Even though it had its problems it was a great conclusion to a series. However, the epilogue annoyed me to no end. This is supposed to be the final book! Why did she leave it open like that??

Bookshelf worthy: Just for the cover art alone, yes.  

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