Thursday, February 27, 2014

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot

After reading this book the only question I really have is this: When did Luke – who I absolutely loved in book 1 – become such a dick? Seriously. What happened to that guy in France who special ordered Diet Coke for Lizzie because he knew she loved them?

Anyway, right. Luke is engaged to Lizzie, but instead of being ecstatic over the news like her friends should be, they are anything but. Chaz isn’t happy because he’s in love with Lizzie (not that you really know that until near the end of the book) and doesn’t believe that Luke is the right guy for her. Shari isn’t happy because she also doesn’t think Luke is the right guy for her. Why don’t they? Well, um. Hello, he did get her a sewing machine for Christmas and told her that he had no intention of marrying her before leaving for France. And then he shows up on New Years with a ring – a total 180 – and asks her to marry him? Seriously. How can Lizzie not see the problem with that?

Oh, and also the fact that Lizzie feels like she’s about to throw up/breaks out into hives every time she thinks about the wedding. You know, Lizzie, considering you graduated from the University of Michigan, you aren’t very smart. Most women would take that as a sign that Luke isn’t the guy for them.

Instead the reader has to suffer through almost 200 pages of Lizzie trying to figure out that Luke isn’t the guy for her. It isn’t until Gran’s funeral, where Luke doesn’t show up but Chaz does, that she realizes that Luke and her are over.

Anyway, my favorite character out of this book was Tiffany, because she was the voice of reason when it came to the whole Luke/Chaz/Lizzie thing. She understood what Lizzie couldn’t. It was so awesome.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Meg Cabot’s books are always amazing and such quick reads because they are so interesting you don’t want to stop reading.

Bookshelf worthy? If I only had the room…

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