Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blue Bloods Series Book #6: Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz

So, while the last book finally made it easier to keep up with the different narrators by devoting a complete part of a book to each, this book resorts back to each chapter is someone else. But instead of being Schuyler, Mimi and Bliss/Deming – this time the third narrator is Allegra, and it isn’t in the present time. Allegra’s chapters are all about how she came to break her bond with Charles.

This was one of the reasons why this book was by far my favorite of the whole series so far.

Schuyler and Jack are married now – the ceremony took place in that awesome novella (that I didn’t read) – and are still looking for the Gate of Paradise while Jack is on the run from Mimi and the blood trial. While they are looking for this Gate, Schuyler starts getting sick – vomiting with blood – and she thinks that she is pregnant with Jack’s child but Jack knows that it’s because of their bonding, something called the Wasting Disease. Hey, I thought she was pregnant too because yeah, she’s a Blue Blood but she’s also human, it’s totally possible, right? Ha. Apparently not. Since Jack broke his bond with Mimi to bond with Schuyler, the bond is causing his love pain. The only way to break the bond? Is to either kill Mimi or perform a service for his master – who you know, is Lucifer. Considering my ‘love’ for Mimi, I’m thinking the first option is better.

Speaking of the Angel of Death, she’s down in Hell with Oliver to look for Kingsley, the love of her life, who is the only reason that she isn’t really going after Jack to extract her revenge. She does find him, and after a month or so of playing games where he pretends not to want her or to go with her, she’s about to leave when…well, they get a little racy. And I do mean racy. Seriously most YA authors hint or suggest that characters have sex, de la Cruz puts it out in black and white. ‘He cried out as he entered her.’ Sexy. He goes with her. The only problem is that for Kingsley to leave hell, a soul has to be traded for his. AKA why Oliver is on this trip. Just when things get dire, Mimi does the unthinkable and trades her soul for Kingsley’s. HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER! Okay…remember what I said about hating Mimi Force? I take that back now.

Eventually the blood trial between Jack and Mimi does happen, but neither can kill the other. Which means…yeah, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. The Angels of Death and Destruction, who betrayed Lucifer to help the Blue Bloods, return to their master. I’ll admit when I first read this – before I read the book – I was scared shitless. Why would they do that? But now that I know why they did this, I can’t wait to see what the final book has in store.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Now that I’m used to the whole switching of narrators thing, it’s not as bad. The plot is as thick as my hair – which is really thick – and everything is escalating quickly for an awesome conclusion.

Bookshelf worthy? Yep, still own them.

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