Thursday, January 30, 2014

Morganville Vampires Series Book #9: Ghost Town by Rachel Caine

 Well, I predicted back in book 7’s review that eventually Rachel Caine would have to write the perfect book in this series, and she finally did. After what happened in Kiss of Death, I was a little reluctant to read this book, but my motto is, once I start a series I have to finish it.

So, Ghost Town… Claire and company are back in Morganville and things are…well, they’re not really normal. Ever since Amelie’s new rules that allow humans to protect themselves from vampire attack, the vampires are getting a little testy and the humans are…they’re finally acting out. They like the power that has been given to them, but they want more.

Claire though isn’t too aware of this because she has things of her own to deal with. Obviously she has a hot boyfriend whose attempts at wooing her are always good for some nice fluffy moments, and then she’s still working with Myrinn to rebuild the town’s computer system – the one responsible for keeping Morganville residents in the town, wiping people’s memories if they leave, and the portals that are scattered throughout the town.

Myrinn. You know, in the 5 reviews I’ve done about this series, I don’t think I’ve ever really discussed this guy at length, and I really should. I think that I’m like a lot of readers of this series when it comes to this character. It’s a love/hate relationship. There are times where his antics and his clothing choices make me grin, but sometimes when he loses his sanity and tries to kill Claire – at least once every book – I kind of start to hate him, even though I should know that he doesn’t really know better. Considering what happened to his last assistant, I’m still not sure if the reason he’s being nice to Claire is because he wants the same thing from her, or if he’s just genuinely being nice to her.

Anyway, Claire does finally get the new machine up in running – after a five-day stint with no sleep – and everything should be back to normal, well, as normal as things can be in Morganville. But it’s not. People are starting to forget. People are starting to think that it’s three years ago.

I’ll admit the memory wipe was a nice touch, all the way up until Shane forgot who Claire was. The moment he woke up and didn’t recognize her and thought that he had a one-night stand with her, seriously broke my heart.

Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars. This book had the bite that the last one was missing and was written so well that even I – the one who wanted Claire’s parents to get killed off – was rooting for her dad to make it.

Bookshelf worthy? Electronic only.

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