Thursday, January 16, 2014

Morganville Vampires Series Book #6: Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine

One word about this book: FINALLY!

I’m not sure how much I can say without giving too much away – not that’s really stopped me before – but I have to say that this book was probably my favorite so far of the series. The twists, which one would think would have gotten old by book six of a series, twisted into areas that I still didn’t expect them to. The action was non-stop, and even when you did get a reprieve I took a deep breath with my characters and enjoyed it because I knew that it wasn’t going to last.

I’ve read some of the reviews for this series before I started it, and a lot people complained that there wasn’t a lot of character development and that was a big reason they didn’t like it. I have to disagree. The character development in these books is just fantastic. I sort of envy Caine’s ability to develop these characters over an arc of books like she does. I can barely do it over fifteen chaptered stories.

Anyway, the characters are just fantastic. My favorites for development are Richard and Monica Morell. Richard has really grown from the burly cop with the crazy family to someone the town of Morganville including Claire and her friends can trust. The moment near the end when Richard hands Claire a knife and then pats her on the shoulder was just so fantastic – it really showed his growth as a character. And as for Monica, I’ll admit when the book started and she went back to her evil bitch ways I was really pissed off. I thought Caine would have kept her as she was at the end of book 5 considering everything that she had been through. However, there was a reprieve when Monica softened after Claire asked about her mother. Just wow fantastic.

As for Claire’s parents, is it sad that I’m rooting for a vampire to kill them? I mean, honestly, the town is going to shit and they’re going to screw up their escape attempt because they wanted to chastise their daughter about having sex with Shane. Arresting him? Honestly? Please, kill them off, PLEASE?

Finally, there’s Claire and Shane’s relationship. I’ll admit when the book started I was going to be annoyed because hello. Shane was in prison, so obviously there wasn’t going to be too much Shane/Claire fluff until he was broken out of prison and knowing the way that Caine worked she was probably going to save his breakout until the end. But when she did have Shane get broken out of jail – sort of – I was excited, especially because Claire was seventeen. And man, did she not disappoint, which is odd considering this was a YA.

Final review: 4 out of 5 reviews. By book 6 you would think an author couldn’t pull any punches, but wow, were there some deep ones.

Bookshelf worthy? I’ve sort of changed my mind about this series. Why it’s not a physical bookshelf worthy, I would definitely consider getting them as a digital edition – especially since I’ve been reading them through the digital library anyway.

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