Monday, June 2, 2014

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

I’ve yet to meet an angel series that led me astray. I loved the Unearthly trilogy by Cynthia Hand and I also loved the Hush, Hush Quartet (or at least the first three books, I haven’t gotten around to reading the fourth one yet) by Becca Fitzpatrick. However, when I started reading A Beautiful Dark I thought that I finally met my match.

Skye is celebrating her seventeenth birthday when the story begins. She lives in a city outside Denver, Colorado and has three friends – Dan, Cassie and Ian. She hates celebrating her birthday because her parents died in a car crash on her sixth. But her friends never listen to her and throw her surprise parties anyway. While Skye is getting some air she meets Asher, the definition of a bad boy, and then later his cousin Devin who is everything light. Weird things start to happen after she meets these two; boilers explode, her eyes flash silver, she causes an avalanche, etc. That’s when she starts to wonder if everything is what it seems to be.

Apparently, not. It turns out her mother and father were both angels. The only difference was her mother was a Gifted angel – supposedly one of the good guys – and her father was a Rebel – supposedly one of the bad guys – they met and fell in love. Their punishment when it was found out was they were cast out from the angels and made to live with the mortals as mortals. Until Skye was born…

So about until the avalanche scene I did not like this book too much. Another book with a love triangle and a best guy friend who is crushing on the girl. Gag me. But I kept plowing through and was eventually rewarded with the major reveal that Skye was an angel, and that Devin and Asher were also angels. The downside of the big reveal was I also got this twisted back story of the Gifted versus the Rebels. I’ll be honest, I was seriously confused for the rest of the book.

This book’s only saving grace was the major cliffhanger at the end.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Mediocre characters – seriously the narrator was a trip – and a muddled storyline. However, what an ending. Curious to see what happens next.

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