Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Body Finder Series Book #2: Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

So, I’ll admit (I really should rename this blog to confessions of a bookaholic) second books in a series where I loved the first book scare me. Why? Because I always feel like there are high expectations for that book and they can never live up to their predecessor. Desires of the Dead was no exception. I’ll admit something else: my fear was rational.

Don’t get me wrong, Desires of the Dead was amazing. This time around there isn’t a serial killer for Violet to find. Instead a mysterious person is terrorizing her from her school and the FBI. You see she found a missing boy’s body while she was in the city with her friend Chelsea and she called in an anonymous tip that turned out to be not so anonymous. But this member of the FBI, Sara Priest, is different. She has a team of special people who have abilities like Violet…or so you think. Nothing is really said about this other members of Priest’s team, and the only member you really meet is Rafe, but his ‘power’ isn’t revealed at all. Although I do have my suspicions. Add that to the new kids Mike and his sister Megan monopolizing Jay’s time and Violet is one stressed out teenager.

A few chapters, the one’s that involved Violet finally telling Jay the truth about what’s been going on with her, reminded me that this isn’t a true psychotic thriller – like the ones you find on the upper level of your library – but a YA book filled with a lot of angst. I mean, seriously. I got where Violet was coming from when Jay didn’t believe her that it was Megan, but c’mon, girl. You find dead people and animals, shouldn’t you have a little bit more maturity?

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. The twists in this book were amazing, and the ending was very climatic. Curious to see more of Rafe and Sara in the next book, and hope that the whole ‘killer’ POVs continue. It makes for more intrigue.

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