Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

So the past two Crusie and Mayer books have been about hit man and movies that were actually the cover of something to do with the mob. This time around, Crusie and Mayer team up and give you an amusement park….that is the prison of demons.

Yeah, that’s right, demons. These demons apparently have been in captivity since the 1920s, when the amusement park was created, and have been contained in their chalices ever since. Well, except for that one time forty years ago when they all got out and almost caused mass mayhem, but that doesn’t play in until near the end.

The characters that you are introduced to – again in the first few chapters – include:
  • Mab – Dreamland’s restorer. Doesn’t like people and is more interested in her work.
  • Ethan – a Green Barret (of course!) who is back at home after almost being killed in Afghanistan. Thinks his days are numbered because of the bullet near his heart.
  • Glenda – Ethan’s mom and half owner of the park. Believes in the mystical.
  • Delpha – the park’s ‘Oracle’ who believes she sees the future.
  • Ray – Mab’s uncle, mayor of the town, and half owner of the park. Wants riches and power.
There are more characters that are all involved in what unfolds, but seriously, can we just talk about the plot of this book?

Mab gets involved in with this guy named Joe who always makes her laugh and makes sure that they only talk about happy things. Even when you don’t really know these characters well enough, you can already tell that something is up with this guy Joe. And even when it gets revealed that he’s a ‘demon hunter,’ there’s still something not right about him. Although I do give points to Crusie and Mayer for throwing in the demon hunter bit. Turns out Joe is a demon – the Trickster – and when Mab finally figures it out, it’s a little too late. She’s already slept with him and is pregnant with his child.

But it’s not the first demon possession pregnancy. No, Mab and Ethan are both creations of a demon possession pregnancy. Remember what I said about the whole 40 years ago thing? Yeah. Apparently, these demons have more on their mind than causing pain and suffering. Ethan and the other Guardia – a force that guards and entraps the demons – do put everyone back in their chalices, except for Funfluns, and all live happily ever after.

I haven’t seen such a ridiculous plot since Crusie’s other book Maybe This Time, and that one had ghosts! And these characters! Although they were definitely better than the characters in Don’t Look Down, they still had their own issues. Like Mab right before the final battle, decides its time to have sexy time with Oliver it was just ridiculous. You’re about to go stop demons from taking over the world and you’re going to go at it? Talk about priorities.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Although ridiculous, it was rather fun.

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