Monday, April 21, 2014

Morganville Vampires Series Book #14: Fall of Night by Rachel Caine

At the end of the last book, Claire told Amelie that she was finally taking her up on her offer to leave for MIT and that she wanted her to allow Shane to leave too if he wanted. When this book starts, Claire is actually doing it. She’s leaving Morganville in the pre-dawn to go and achieve her dream.

But Shane isn’t going with her. Claire hasn’t 100% forgiven him yet for believing that she would cheat on him with Michael, and she really wants to try and do this on her own. She wants to make sure that their relationship can survive them being apart.

The best laid plans… Shane follows Claire to Boston, and watches her just to make sure that she will be all right. The crazy thing is, Shane isn’t the only stalker that Claire has to deal with. Her roommate – and BFF from high school – Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend Derrick has been stalking her for ages. And that’s just the start of the craziness outside of Morganville.

Claire’s independent study professor – Irene Anderson – is a former resident of Morganville and Myrinn’s former assistant too. She helps Claire with her project – the device she was working on in the last book that can, in theory, take a vampire emotion and neutralize it. A weapon like that could be dangerous, and as the book goes on it does.

Turns out Irene is one of those anti-vampire residents of Morganville. In fact, she was the reason that the vampires didn’t find a cure for their disease quicker. But she isn’t alone. Some organization, called The Daylight Foundation, has been helping her with her research.

This is another book that drove me absolutely crazy at the end. It was a great book – Claire outside of Morganville, trying to fit in, hating her roommate, missing Shane – but then it turned into a total WTF moment. What exactly is the Daylight Foundation? No answer is really given and just when you think that it won’t matter, Claire and the gang go back to Morganville and don’t exactly get welcomed back with open arms.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. The plot was good. I just wished that Claire could have been in Boston without so much drama for a little longer. And what the hell is the Daylight Foundation???

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