Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1-800-WHERE-R-YOU Series Book #5: Missing You by Meg Cabot

I know I said in the last review of this series that Sanctuary was my favorite, but I think I changed my mind. I’ve only read Missing You once and even then it was in bits and pieces every time I went to the bookstore – back then my local library sucked with getting the new releases. So after eight years, I finally had the chance to read it again and OMG. This one was definitely my favorite.

It’s been two years since the events of Sanctuary and Jess is different. She finally caved into Dr. Krantz’s pleading and went to work for the government. The only problem is that she was actually in the war zones and saw things that a 17/18 year old shouldn’t see. She comes back with nightmares, her powers gone, and according to Rob – broken. Speaking of one of my favorite male characters, Rob and Jess have broken up thanks to a misunderstanding that she saw when she came back from the war. She hasn’t seen him since…until he shows up at her apartment door in New York.

Turns out his sister – half-sister: same father different mom – is missing and even though he’s heard that Jess doesn’t have her powers anymore he’s hoping that she’ll at least try to help. Shockingly, the next day, she knows exactly where his sister is only she’s not missing. She ran away to be with her older – he’s 27 and she’s 15 – boyfriend. Who also turns out to be the son of one of the new major developers in the community. Yikes.

Like I said, this book was amazing. I love Jess’s non-violent attitude and her interactions with Rob are just a complete hoot. You finally get to see what happened after Jess introduced Rob to her folks as her boyfriend – mom gave a speech about statutory rape that made him run – and why Rob was put on probation – I would crack up about it, but considering when he told her I was still in shock. You also get to see Jess and her mom have that blowout that I’ve been dying for since book 1. I’m sorry, but moms in YA books just drive me completely bonkers. The only thing I would have wished is that you got to see Rob on his bike more. I was really disappointed that he traded up for a truck.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Great conclusion to an awesome series.

Bookshelf worthy? Seriously, I need more bookshelves.

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