Monday, March 17, 2014

Morganville Vampires Series Book #11: Last Breath by Rachel Caine

So ever since I started reading the physical copies of the Morganville Vampire books (around book 9) I’ve been cheating. Before I start reading the book, I flip to the back of the book and check out the track list that Caine was listening to while writing it. I listen to each song and get a gist of what might happen. For this book, I did the same thing, and after reading it I only have one question. Why wasn’t the song “My Last Breath” by Evanescence not on this list?! The song perfectly describes the second half of the book!

Right. So. Last Breath. I’ll admit that this book started out really slow and I was sitting and going C’mon pick up the pace… when the mysterious runner from the other town with vampires shows up things got real interesting. And they got interesting fast. Something that this runner had causes the Founder Amelie to turn on Claire and Shane and she orders Myrinn to kill Shane. Oliver comes in later to talk her out of it, so he is sent to stop the crazy vamp and man does the action only escalate from there.

Because of Myrinn’s attempt to kill Shane, Claire is no longer speaking to him, which made me a little bit sad for our bunny slipper-wearing vamp. Don’t get me wrong, what he did was bad – but he was under orders and Claire should know that Amelie’s will is hard to fight. Michael and Eve are preparing for their engagement party and their wedding. But even this causes problems with the citizens of Morganville. The humans, because they don’t want to stand with the vampires who have been oppressing them for years. The vampires, because they don’t think they should ‘marry the cattle.’ Bloody freaking hell. So, at the engagement party, the Founder lays down the law and says that she doesn’t approve of the marriage and that it won’t take place. Eve, finally, snaps and cusses out Amelie and bitch slaps her. Holy shit!

You know considering what Amelie did to earn that bitch slap, you would think she would let it slide. Especially because she knows what it’s like to be denied her love. But no…she’s the Founder she has to make an example. Luckily though, Morganville has bigger problems and Amelie quickly forgets about her vendetta against Eve.

The bigger problem for Morganville turns out to be another species of vampires (I won’t even try to spell the name) that are water based, and the master of this species feeds on other vampires to make more of his kind. Hence why there are vampire disappearances all over town and Amelie instigates a vampire wide evacuation of the town.

Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough, the head of this mysterious vampire race kills Claire. But she doesn’t really die. Thankfully, she dies in the Glass House, which has been in tuned to her for a while now, and saves her. However, because she isn’t a Glass she doesn’t get to come back as a ghost like Michael did. …seriously, what was with Hiram Glass? Why did he hate Claire so much?

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I think I got my daily workout thanks to the ups and downs of this book. And the craziest thing is the book ended on a cliffhanger – the first time since book 5 or so. Uh…excuse me while I go place a hold on the next one.

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