Monday, March 31, 2014

Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie

So when I read the title of this book, I thought – okay, obviously the couple in this book are going to be ‘crazy for each other’ – and I guess in a way they were but not in the way that I expected.

The book begins with Quinn – an art teacher in her thirties - rescuing another lost puppy, only unlike with the others, she wants to keep this one. The only problem is that her boyfriend Bill – the can do no wrong baseball coach – won’t let her keep it because of some BS that their apartment building doesn’t allow pets. For the first time in forever, Quinn doesn’t do as he says, and keeps the dog. Bill, believing that she won’t miss the mutt and will see it his way, takes him to the pound. She is furious and this begins a great book about change.

Quinn realizes that she’s been with the wrong guy for years and him taking Katie – the dog – back to the pound was the last straw. She tells him its over and moves out. The only problem is that Bill isn’t the type to take no for an answer, he believes that she’ll come back to him, she just needs to cool off. He believes that until she buys a house.

I wish I could convey just how insane Bill is, but I’m afraid my description doesn’t do him justice. Let’s just say that the fact that Quinn buys a house doesn’t deter Bill at all. He breaks into her house, makes a copy of her key, keeps trying to get Katie impounded, and starts not only moving into the house, but loosening screws in things to make her realize how much she needs him.

But Quinn is resilient to his advances. She’s hell bent on changing and on top of moving out, buying a house, and cutting her hair, she also starts to make the moves on her best friend Nick, who for some unknown reason has been fantasizing about her recently. When they do actually sleep together – because Nick just needs to do it once to get it out of his system – he realizes that he still needs her.

I loved this book, but at the same time I kind of hated it too. I loved the fact that Quinn was so strong and in everybody’s face – like the high school principal Bobby – but as for the male characters I really wouldn’t have blamed Quinn and Darla if they had become lesbians. The men were just that infuriating, especially Bill who gave me major major creeps and flashbacks to an old relationship I had. *shudders*

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Why do I keep rating 4 out of 5 stars? The plot was great. The characters were well written and unlike some romances the time line was actually believable. Huh…

Bookshelf worthy? Electronic or get from your local library!

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